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Wilderness First Responder class


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AS I'm getting more into BC skiing I'm starting to think that it would be nice to have a little more medical knowledge rather that working under the "I hope nothing bad happens" philosophy. I guess I'm most curious about what people think about various providers and classes length, eg an 8 day or a 10 day? I'd like to do a class in Portland this spring.

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I took a "Hybrid DLP" WFR course last year -- we had to read the book and do some online quizzes beforehand, then had 5 days of hands on. The 5 days were over two weekends at the WAC cabin at Snoqualmie Pass (which was convenient for night skiing/climbing). That particular class just happened so you'd have to wait for next year to do the same one.





I can't compare with other providers or class lengths as realistically if I take 2 weeks off work and travel somewhere it's going to be for "fun", so this was likely the only way I was going to do it.

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I'd recommend Remote Medical International. They're out of Seattle and do WFR and WEMT classes. Very solid instruction, very experienced staff. I got my WEMT from them back in 2010 out in Leavenworth (though that's a way longer course and probably not what you need at all).

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I just took my WFR over 10 days during Spring break from Wilderness Medical Institute(NOLS)


If you just want a cert, then a short non-intensive class might be for you. The longer the class, the more opportunities you'll have to learn and apply your knowledge through scenarios.


Much of the curriculum is set up for outdoor professionals working with groups in some fashion, with just a bit on being a solo rescuer.


Other options which are super good if you don't need the WFR cert for a job are the Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness Advanced First Aid classes. Much more affordable and less time commitment.


Good luck


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