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2012 Bird Closures Updated Info


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Updated bird info since the last thread had to be locked. Hoping to use this thread in the same way as last years with bird closure info for 2012.


There are two notable closures already this year. Both for Golden eagle nesting.


China bend main cliff is closed Starting Feb 15th thru July 31st. There is an active nest in the middle of the main cliff. At last look the bird was on the nest. Fish and wildlife is very excited about seeing a bird on a nest here, and it has been great for the climbing communities public relations to allow this to happen. Thanks to all those who have helped make this happen.


Trout creek is closed as of Feb 1 until further notice. Likely mid July.


Exit 38. There is a voluntary closure of Deception wall through June due to nesting peregrine falcons.


Beacon Rock, South Face Closed as of Feb 1 Info http://beaconrockclimbingassociation.blo...w-climbing.html here


Smith Rock Monument area closed from Feb 15- Aug 1 for golden eagles. Link for more info http://smithrock.com/b2evolution/blog4.php/2012/02/06/monument-area-to-close-february-15th


Smith Rock. It looks like the closure for the Prairie Falcons is also going into effect in the First Kiss area. It will be the same closure as the last 2 years.


Tieton At present, the closure at Tieton is just downstream of The Bend but it may be moved if the birds do not nest in the same spot as last year. The Bend and other Tieton crags remain open.



The following locations are likely closures that I dont have info on yet this year.



Midnight Rock, Leavenworth


Snow Creek Wall, Leavenworth


Mt. Erie


I will edit this post as I get more info on nesting closures.


If you hear of any please feel free to update this thread and send me an email with the info at alasdairturner@gmail.com.


Due to two back to back Denali trips this year it will be difficult for me to update openings in a timely manor so feel free to add those also.


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Are there any restrictions at Exit 38? On Saturday I climbed a route on Deception Wall, I think its called Overture (its 11a). I was at the chains and saw a bird (pretty sure it was a peregrine falcon) on a ledge about 15ft me. I got out of there pretty quick.

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Wenatchee National Forest website lists closures for Midnight and Noontime Rocks 4-1 thru 7-31. There is a note stating that if the exact locations of nesting raptors can be verified other portions of the rock would be reopened. I saw no notices regarding Snow Creek Wall as of this morning. I don't think that closure is automatic like Midnight Rock. My memory is closures there occur only if nesting raptors are spotted.

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