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Marmot Lithium or Couloir?


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I'm in the market for a 0* bag and am trying to figure out the differences between the Lithium and the Couloir (besides a few ounces in weight and fill power).


I'm not well versed in the differing types of materials used in construction.


Why would a person choose one over the other?


Intended use will be Alpine conditions during the colder days, and possibly trips to Equador Volcanoes and Kili.




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I have the Lithium and an older Pinnacle. As far as I can tell the Lithium is bare-bones compared to my other Marmot bag. Things like a watch pocket near your ear are not there on the Lithium to save weight. It also might be cut a little smaller to save some additional oz. I am satisfied with it.

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The main difference between the Couloir and the Lithium is the down fill. The Couloir uses 800 fill, whereas the Lithium uses 850+. This results in some weight savings of about 4-5 oz per bag.


That said, I have a Marmot Lithium EQ Long, which is the 850+ fill waterproof version that is pretty much new (slept in outside twice), that I am looking to get rid of. See more information here:


Marmot Lithium EQ


I am thinking about 450 shipped. PM me if your interested.




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I've had the original Lithium bag for about 4 years now. Great bag, and roomy enough in a regular length for me (5'9", 170lbs) to put on and remove clothing inside the bag. That's my gold standard for a sleeping bag. I don't miss a full zipper at all. It keeps me warm, with long johns, hat and socks, at 0 degrees F in a tent. With a VB liner, another 10 degrees colder. It stuffs to about the size of a 1 1/2 liter bottle.

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