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  1. I didn't mean to imply that I would attempt a solo climb. When I said go on my own, I was meaning that I would prefer to go as part of an independent team, not with a guide service. If I came across as having an "attitude", believe me, it was unintended.
  2. I would prefer going on my own, but living in the middle of the US with no hills, it's hard to get in and skills training. Only thing i have here is a 600' hill I hump up and down with pack and boots when I am preparing. I did a Glacier Skills seminar with IMG 2 years ago in July. Got shut down at Ingraham on summit day in an electrical storm complete with about every form of precip imaginable. I really enjoyed the extended time on Rainier over running up and down. I'd love to be able to hook up with a seasoned climber(s) that likes to spend some time on a climb instead of a weekend quickie, I just don't have the contacts out west. I really like everyone at IMG, but with the way the concessions on Rainier are ran, there's no option to wait for a break in the weather. They just today released their 2014 dates. It's a crap shoot picking a date with the weather a year in advance. I'm open to climb just about anything. Rainier has just been a thorn in my side and I won't be satisfied until I finish it. I'll keep trolling here on CC like I have been and maybe will be able to hook up with a willing group next season.
  3. Looking for some options. I am 0 for 3 on Rainier. 2 DC routes and one Glacier Skills Seminar. Weather has forced turnaround each time. I have always used one of the guide services since I am usually making the trip alone or with one other novice climber. I am hoping to get back next July or August for a 4th attempt, but curious what options I have as far as alternatives to one of the concessionaires. I am flexible enough to be able to wait out the weather either sitting in a hotel or in a tent at Muir, Ingraham, or elsewhere on the mountain. Are there any experienced climbers willing to pass on their knowledge? I'm 47 and not going to break any speed records, but I am fit and train for endurance. I'm not looking for anything solid right now, just thinking out loud to get a jump on plans for next year. I'll need to make a decision fairly soon when the dates for next year open up with the services.
  4. Nisqually Lodge is a good option of also. I've stayed in both Whittaker's and Nisqually. Nisqually has a bit more room. Whittaker's does have the bunkroom for cheap. I stayed in a room, so I can't speak to it. Nisqually has free breakfast. It's not much, but it's something to fill your gut. Whittaker's has microwaved burritos or bagels. I'd recommend Wild Berry for breakfast and Copper Creek Inn for dinner. BTW - I'm 0 for 2 in June. Weather both times forced a turnaround above cleaver.
  5. I have struggled with the same problem. I tried all of the above remedies and then some. Nothing really worked to my satisfaction until I discovered these little gems! BungaPads I wore them on many shorter trips, but the big test was a 6 Day trip on Rainier last year. I carried a 2nd pair to swap out everyday. No blisters and no hotspots the entire trip! I won't put on my mountaineering boots without them now.
  6. Thought I'd throw this out there in case someone had any of these items laying around and thinking about selling. I'm putting together gear for my son for a trip next year. OR Chaos - Medium OR Alibi Jacket - Medium Marmot Lithium Membrain - prefer Reg, but would consider Long Please shoot me a PM if you have something. Thanks!
  7. It'll be me, my son and a climbing buddy on the trip. Thanks for the tip on the Vagabond. I'll put it on my short list.
  8. TLine is a bit over budget for me... I was looking a Huckleberry Inn, but haven't called yet. Seems it is always better to get info from those that have knowledge of the area. I'll check out what's available in Sandy also. Thanks!
  9. I have a trip planned next year to make an attempt on Hood. First time in the area, so I could use some advice on where to stay for a couple of nights. Mazama lodge is not available on the dates I'll be out (June 11-13). Any advice on similar accommodations would be appreciated.
  10. I bought these to pick between US11's and US12's. I went with the 11's, so I have these to sell. They are in practically new condition. Never worn outside. Asking what I paid for them... $275 shipped via PayPal Personal, or pay fees for Goods. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7a1tge01w46e0yz/DSC_1388.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhp4crh2mmvnbfx/DSC_1389.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/r7voab8syyhtwon/DSC_1390.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/7xbvygxt50eyu5s/DSC_1391.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/rf6ew4k8prfhhhp/DSC_1392.jpg
  11. I'm in the market for a 0* bag and am trying to figure out the differences between the Lithium and the Couloir (besides a few ounces in weight and fill power). I'm not well versed in the differing types of materials used in construction. Why would a person choose one over the other? Intended use will be Alpine conditions during the colder days, and possibly trips to Equador Volcanoes and Kili. Thanks!
  12. Looking for a little noob advice. I did a trip up Rainier with RMI late June. We got turned around at 12k because of weather. I questioned RMI about any options for multiple summit attempts in the event of unfavorable weather. They told me that due to their contract with the park, they are allowed only so many teams headed to the summit at any one time. Since they book solid, teams are only allowed one attempt. Are there any other options for those like me that don't have the experience to go it alone, yet have the time to stick around and wait out a short spell of bad weather? I'd like to come back out next year and give it another try, but not sure I am willing to spend the $$$ with RMI to only get the one shot. That's a big crap shoot with my cash. One plus... I did get to see part of the large icefall on the Nisqually on the way up to Muir. Thanks!
  13. Hello - I'm a flatlander heading to Adams next week for the first time. We plan to bivy somewhere along the South Spur. Am I going to need a shovel for sleeping platforms? Thanks!
  14. I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to Adams later this month. Is there a good map with routes available?
  15. I'm going to be in PNW in late June to climb Rainier with RMI. If conditions are still good, I'd like to make an attempt on Hood also. Can anyone recommend someone to lead 2 climbers up Hood on June 30 or July 1? Rainier will be first experience on glacier travel for both of us, so we'll need a little help. Thanks!
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