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[TR] White Pass - Clear Creek Falls 2/18/2012

Peter Way

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Trip: White Pass - Clear Creek Falls


Date: 2/18/2012


Trip Report:

Today, Yeman and I went up to White Pass and rapped into Clear Creek Falls. There is still a lot of ice to the right of the water fall. The farther you get to the right the better the ice is. There is no ice on the main flow. We put 2 lines up, one on the far right, a solid WI 3/4 and one close to the water fall on the left of what ice is there, it was tougher and longer with the top third of the climb soft, hollow and fragile. It was blowing and snowing like a MO, there was constant drift blowing in but it was a fun day. Take long ropes and ascenders and be prepared to jug the top 15 or 20 feet.


Check out Brain J 's video on Vimeo, they rapped in a few days back with headcams on and made a good day of it.


Check back later we'll have some photos up.




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I drive out there last Wednesday to look at ice conditions. I looked at Strobach through my binoculars from the edge of the lake, from that distance it looks thin with some ice not touching down. I wasn't prepared to hike all the way in for uncertain climbing. Clear Creek Falls was a much better option.

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Picture time :rocken:

Recon photo from Wednesday. I wished it was like this yesterday.


High flow on the far left


Far right line


Direct line, full 70m pitch.



I found out some folks from Portland just climbed it a few days before.

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