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Hey gang,

Icicle TV is a local grassroots news and entertainment website located over here in Leavenworth. We are a small group of friends and family who are creating fun, relevant content for PNW outdoor people. We like to feature reader contributor content, so drop us a line or a link and you will surely become a big time sponsored climber. That, or you will be locally famous for a brief time. Yes, we climb, but it's really about the bigger PNW picture, One where climbing is one of many amazing ways to spend today.

See you around,

Icicle TV



And of course on Facebook:

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Icicle TV just wrapped up an interview with John Scurlock at Good Mood Food in Leavenworth. His amazing new book Snow and Spire chronicles a decade of winter flights in the North Cascades.

No stranger to CC.com, John's images have fueled a new wave of difficult alpine routes in Washington.

John's stunning images of remote mountains, snow plastered fire lookouts and wild alpine scenery firmly establish him as the heir apparent to his friend and hero, famed glacier photographer and author Austin Post.

Thoughtfully written and researched coupled with outstanding photography, Snow and Spire is a lasting testament to John's love of flying and photography.

Special thanks to the Leavenworth Mountain Association for inviting John give a slideshow and book signing at the Icicle Brewing Company last night.

Keep an eye out for the full interview and video segment coming soon to Icicle TV.

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