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[TR] Mount Baker - Coleman/Deming 11/5/2011

Gerhard Schneide

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Trip: Mount Baker - Coleman/Deming


Date: 11/5/2011


Trip Report:

David and I climbed and skied (from 9200ft) the Coleman/Deming Route of Mount Baker this weekend. The approach up the trail went fast and we set up camp at 5700ft (Hogsback camp (?)).


We left camp the next day at a leisurely 9AM and followed the skin track of a party we talked to the night before to around 8000-8500ft. From there we continued up towards the Bergschrund which was well bridged up to the Coleman Deming col. We stashed our skis at the col because the snow on the Roman Wall looked wind-blown and it was unlikely that the dry powder from Wednesday/Thursday would have been able to stick well to it. This was a good call as much of the wall was a hard crust with some really icy sections in it. Especially the top section that can be seen from the col was solid. We got to the proper summit at around 2PM. Weather was overall excellent, a bit on the cold side once you added the wind chill in. On the down climb a plane flew over us three times, every time a bit closer. I wonder if they took pictures of us – if so, I want one . The down climb went smooth. When we started skiing from the col it got unfortunately a bit foggy, but that did not take even a bit away from the amazing skiing on the super dry powder up high. Lower down I put the skis a couple times onto the crust, but that could be corrected with a bit of speed adjustment.


Overall great day out with the most amazing early season skiing for me yet.




Approach in fall colors



Mt Approaching Coleman/Deming col.



David coming up from Coleman/Deming Col.



Crevasses on Deming.



Looking up the Roman Wall.



David cramponing through powder (why he was wearing crampons became obvious higher up :))



Our tracks coming back from the summit.



Cool light looking down the Roman Wall.




Me on lower part of Roman Wall during down climb.



Gear Notes:

Crampons, Ice Axe, 30m rope used for glacier travel only.

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