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[TR] Mazama - Rockfest 6/26/2011


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Trip: Mazama - Rockfest


Date: 6/26/2011


Trip Report:

The AAC Rockfest was a good time this past weekend. My wife and I drove over to join the campfire on Friday night. On Saturday morning the hosts served an amazing breakfast and then we were off to Fun Rock for clinics and climbing.



The burgers and slides on Saturday night were terrific. Diana said "I'm not a burger fan but these are good!" Another campfire followed.


On Sunday morning we conducted a work party at Fun Rock, and this somewhat homely crag got a nice facelift. A lot of happy faces gathered for a group photo and then we went climbing.



Up at Prospector Crag it got HOT. At one point I took my normally comfy all-day rockshoes off because my feet were swelling in the heat and I found the ground too hot to stand on barefoot. I put walking shoes back on in a hurry and we stayed long enough so that one member of our party could climb her first lead (see above photo) but then decided it was time to pack up and head down for a dip in the river.


This was a very nice end to a good weekend: it has been cold in Seattle this Spring and not since August, ten months ago, have I been anywhere that it actually got hot!



Gear Notes:

4" foam pad would have made camping even cushier!


Approach Notes:

Look on website. Find no directions. Type "address" into google maps and prey.

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Nice TR, good to hear some folks showed up for the work party and clinics.



Does anyone know of a topo avaialble for Fun Rock? I know certain rock climbing area's have topos floating around the interweb but I haven't found one yet for Mazama.





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Fun Rock and more in the Mazama Rock guidebook. Sometimes I found the photos and the text were different (photo topo says 5.8, text says 5.7). We ran into Burdo last time we were there and he said a new edition is coming out next year sometime, updates and more routes.

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