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Climbing Partners this season


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Looking for mainly mountaineering/some alpine partners this season, but really game for anything. Located in Seattle area


Am a n00b, really. Been on a few climbs, all resulted in turning around due to weather/snow conditions. Have all gear, and read all requisite reading. Worked on basic skills (Arrests, z-pulley, prusik, etc) on the ground. Spent a ton of time outdoors, but have no glacier experience (The Palmer on Hood doesn't count, really). Interested in anything, volcano or not! Have a small sedan, willing to drive, buy gas/beer. Job is very flexible May through mid-August.


As for any alpine, I'm a middling climber. Just started leading late last year. Since weather has started to cooperate, sport has been up to 5.8. Did my first few trad leads a few weekends ago, 5.6. Don't own a rack (draws/alpine draws, yes). 5.10- climber, pretty much all around. Willing to do anything though.


Looking to learn. PM me! Thanks

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I'm game as long as it's in the next couple of weeks, then I'm moving to Colorado. I would love to get a couple few more good climbs in. I'm done with work until the move, so I'm available anytime the weather cooperates. Let me know what your schedule and ambitions (mountaineering) are!

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