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Bailey Range in October??


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To anybody who has done the Bailey Range traverse this late in the season, do you have any route advice for me? Any sections that might be way more of a pain in the ass than I would like? Any spots where there are bears hiding just off the route, waiting to jump me and steal my Scooby Snacks?


I'm thinking about doing it the last week of October if the weather is ok, which it probably won't be...


OR, any ideas for another 7-9 day route through ONP?

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I did it in September, during a really warm summer, and water was scarce. I would imagine October would be even drier? I'd bring 3 bottles.


Regarding bears, just assume they're everywhere, cause they prob will be. I think I saw a dozen unique bears, each one at least a dozen times. The berries were ripe. They were almost as common as goats. The goats, btw, are SOBs.


Other than water, I think the only other challenge would be coming down the elwha snow finger. it was pretty rotten already when I did it in Sept. so I imagine if any of it is left, it's pretty unstable. You do NOT want to fall through that thing into the river below.

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last week in October... Hoh glacier will more than likely be extremely rotten to cross to get to Glacier Pass & the Blue.. not to mention just getting down to it from Blizzard Pass/Camp Pan..

early Oct '05



Also the Childs glacier will probably be quite melted out...

late Aug '09

Stay high on the south end.. and be aware of the ice off the close (on left) rock ridge.. the ice was very melted out and hollow beneath.. it was very evident.. give that rock a wide berth



And as mentioned above, the Snofinger will probably be.. interesting.. lots of boulder scrambling I'd guess


Make sure you've got plenty of water thru the gullys beneath Carrie & thru 11 Bulls basin..


I'd also suggest reading (photocopy & take along) the high Cream Lake aproach decribed in the Olympic Mtn Climbers guide.. it will allow you to bypass the crappy, bushwacking lower aproach..and gives some nice higher views of Ferry basin & Olympus/Mathias as well.


Give us a report and pics if you take it on.. good luck!! The Bailey is awesome..



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