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Aid gear and some random pro (sale pending)


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Sale pending. Waiting for a check


Time to accept that I won't be doing any aid climbing in the foreseeable future. I'm also letting go of some excess pro that I've been holding on in case I needed it.


This stuff is vintage from the 1980s and early 1990s. Some of the aid nuts have never been placed; some have been well used but still useful. Most of the pitons were bought used. The other nuts and forged friend are fine but are excess that I've replaced with other gear I prefer and I don't see a situation where I'd need them.


Please send me a pm with what gear you are interested in. The prices listed are 75% off or more the equivalent new. Everything here comes to ~$160. $125 for everything on the page.


I'm in Ravenna in Seattle. If you want me to ship it you'll have to cover the shipping. Checks will work but I'll wait for them to clear the bank first.




2 Angles $4 each

3 Short Angles $2.50 each



2 Short Lost Arrows $4 each

1 museum short LA equivalent $2

2 Bugaboos (short one might actually be a Knifeblade) $3 each





5 Lost Arrows $4 each

1 museum medium LA equivalent $2





Bong $5 (never placed)





Rock hammer $20





Thin gear

Brass RPs 0, 1, 2, 5 $3 each

Brass HB Offset 2, 3 $4 each

Chouinard stoppers 1, 3 $3 each





Copper Bashee X 3 $3 each

Wire swage X 1 $1

Hooks X 2 $3 each





Wired Nuts

These are all older straight sides style

Chouinard wired hexes 1, 2, 2, 2, 3 $2 each

Chouinard stopper 8 $2





Slung Nuts

Chouinard slung hexes 3, 5, 7 $2 each

Chouinard slung straight sided stopper 7, 8 $2 each

Chouinard slung curved stopper 11 $2

Wild Country Rock 6 $3





Forest Teton 6 Free to a loving home




1/4" Hand Bolt Kit

5 1/4" Rawl button bolts $5 for all

Rawl #14 Hand drill $10





#1 Forged Friend $10




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