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Regular Partner(s) sought for June and beyond


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I've posted here before looking for partners, and I've had some success. However, it's been difficult to find a "regular" partner.


Here are the days I know I have off for sure through the end of July:


June 4-6

June 19-20

June 25- July 2

July 24- Aug 1

2 more weeks in August


Some of my goals:

Yak Check


Outer Space

Backbone Ridge

Mt Stuart - North Ridge

Forbidden Peak - West Ridge

Chianti Spire - East Face

Juno Tower - Clean Break

Early Morning Spire - SW Face

North Early Winters Spire - NW Corner

Slesse Mountain - NE Buttress

Bear Mountain - Direct N Buttress

Mt Baker - Any route

Mt Shuksan - Any route

I'd also like to explore recent route development on the Mythic Wall near South Twin Sister


I'm also open to suggestions and willing to travel. I'd like to make a trip to the Buggaboos this summer as well.


PM, call, or reply here. Looking forward to a prolific summer!




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I would love to join up. I'm on summer break starting June 11th, but I will be gone from June 23rd-July 4th and another week in July. However, I pretty much have the rest of the summer off.


Forbidden Peak and Outer Space are near the top of my list in climbing goals, and I'll take a look at some of the other routes too. I can lead 5.7 in the alpine, follow 5.9 alpine, and a little harder at the crags.



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I'm off early this Friday. I'd like to do Dragontail on Saturday, either car to car or camp at Colchuck lake Friday night. Then something else nearby on Sunday, possibly a route on Snow Creek Wall. PM me if you are interested.


Mark, I appreciate your responses and enthusiasm, but I think many of these routes are a bit above your abilities at this time.



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