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Looking for Climbing Partner(s)


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A long time ago, I was a rock climber, like 25 years ago. Now I want to try again, at about the level that rock climbing was way back then (say 5.9 is the outside limit, unless I get way stronger or braver). Anybody out there who wants to do low key stuff with a semi-geezer?

You can contact me direct at dpetersen@edge2net.net


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I live in Kirkland, Washington, just outside Seattle. I work the normal Monday thru Friday, but can occasionally play hooky. I am familiar with Leavenworth and Index stuff, but haven't a clue about other areas like Darrington, Mt. Si, Exit 38, etc., etc.

I have some gear, and can acquire more as time goes on. I have the basic safety skills and good familiarity with passive protection (no experience with cam's and such, as yet). Basically, I have started bouldering (but am a little intimidated to go to a gym) and have done a little practicing at Marymoor, both leading and belaying.

I have fond memories of climbs like Canary and Outer Space, both of which I have done several times, but not since about 1980. Family and work got priority, a familiar story.

Aerobically, I am pretty fit, my main activity for the last fifteen years has been distance cycling. A pound up and down Mt. Si still pounds my quads for a few days (as it did this week, since I went up Sunday afternoon with some friends).

So, a bio instead of a short answer. It's more fun than watching TV.

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