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Hey, I just finished a series of classes and field trips with the seattle mountaineers . Now that that is over I never want to deal with those folks again. Last Wed. I had my first official rock climb "The Tooth" out by Snoqualmie Pass , Maybe you have heard of it ?I did good and really want to climb more than ever now.This weekend I'm doing Rainier. When I get back I will need to hook up with climbing partners who can lead on rock , Interested .......P.S. I live in Factoria,wife uses car for work but I will cover gas and lunch.

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Hey it sounds like you and me are in the same boat. I live in Ttown and have a preaty decent rack (pro, not juggies). Ive got wheels and could meet you somewhere between cities or at the crag. Im anxious to get some more leading experience. Im comfortable leading 8's but I can and will work harder routes up to 5.10. Id like to second routes like outer space and harder cracks so I can climb them on lead soon. Alpine stuff would be great too. Id like to do some stuff in the early winter spires and liberty crack, but I need a partner at or above my ability. you can email me @ lalaidama@earthlink.net

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