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  1. Crystal Mountain

  2. An optimum population for America?


    iS everyone on this site freaking psycho? OKLAHOMA! OKLAHOMA!! OKLAHOMA!!!
  4. Eugene Pub Club Wed 6/12

    Hey Dennis, you seem like a very kind, wise fellow. Tell us about the climbs you did this week. That wasn't you hanging on classic crack last weekend was it?
  5. PULLED??????

    Dan Larsen wrote: Hell back in the day I even nailed a dyke in the bathroom at a dyke bar (she really hates men now)I think she was confused. Dan, some would say it's bad etiquette to bring your Mrs. into this discussion... [ 05-12-2002, 07:13 PM: Message edited by: Ruprechkt ]
  6. PULLED??????

    Paging Nurse Ratched! Paging Nurse Ratched! Please report to your station immediately! Dan "Dr. Jeckyl" Larsen appears to have missed his lithium enema today!
  7. Yosemite and all points north...

    Hey there Buttrudderboxboy(note lack of respect), in case ya didn't notice, I was just quoting you back at you--your flame of Texplorer sounds pretty stupid doesn't it? Why don't you reread your two posts in the Potrero Chico thread and then reread mine. Yup, I was making fun of your lame flame, though I guess you didn't catch on to that. Ah well, I guess irony is lost on you. You must be a real masochist to start a new thread that simply makes you look like more of a maricon baboso than the Potrero Chico thread. Allright hombre, your turn! How deep can you dig? [ 02-12-2002: Message edited by: Ruprechkt ]
  8. Potrero Chico 2002

    Hey Buttrudder, are you sure that you are on communicating on the right site? This is a Cascade climbers site, hence the name "Cascade Climbers." So why are you living vicariously on the Cascade climbers site and bragging about dashing up some route in the valley? Take care, and maybe some day you will see what climbing is really all about instead of merely going through the motions by pretending to have climbed something, thereby demonstarting your lack of character and skill?
  9. Potrero Chico 2002

    So hey Rudder, you sound a little grumpy--plummeting stock options gotcha down? Can you give us some beta about all those Cascade alpine routes in Silicon Valley? Is it true that "Kissing Larry Ellison's Ass Crack" is one of those tough Bay Area cascade alpine routes that you've done? Hang in there little buddy! [ 02-10-2002: Message edited by: Ruprechkt ]
  10. TR: Marley Crags

    I found myself over in Worthleavin for an afternoon last week. Temp was in the mid 90s, so we sought shade. The Marley crags in Tumwater canyon face NE, so it seemed like a good choice. The trail follows the river for a bit, then fades into flat filled with burnt deadfall, nettles, berry bushes and various other prickly stuff. (Undergrowth is not just a wetside phenomenon). Bushwacked up a steep hill in the sun, utilizing the VSBS (vegatation self belay system). Got heatstoke, got to the climbs and the shade, honored Bob, and was miraculously healed. Climbed a fun 5.8 handcrack in the middle of the lower slab (Root, Rock, Reggae) and TR'd Rastaman Vibration (10a) next to it. A little further up hill is Soul Train, a 10a on clean solid rock with specific positive features that made for interesting climbing. Bolts with 1 optional gear placement. Another 5 minutes up the hill is Crips in Motown, 5.9. This climb has a nice position with great views. Begin with a thinnish finger crack for maybe 15-20 feet. After placing a little orange metolius tcu, I managed to spontanously pitch off. Its always a little surprising when you feel like you're solid and next thing you know you're plunging. The crack leads to a nice arete with a couple bolts and good gear. There's some interesting variations possible as you climb, and the last move out over a small roof has great exposure! Jumped in the river to cool off on the way back. All in all, I'd definitely recommend the area as a destination for a really hot afternoon some time. There's a good variety of crack and face climbs, all of which are shaded past noon or so. The approach is warm and took us over an hour, but I don't think we followed the path of least resistance. And yes, proper tribute was paid to the namesake of the area ~ [This message has been edited by Ruprechkt (edited 07-15-2001).]
  11. Okanogan National Forest fires

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  12. GriGri Self-Belay

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  13. New Leavenworth Routes

    I know its not a new route, but I really enjoyed The Arch right on icicle buttress. Should be ** at least! [ 05-12-2002, 07:11 PM: Message edited by: Ruprechkt ]
  14. Climbing?

    [ 05-12-2002, 07:57 PM: Message edited by: Ruprechkt ]
  15. route with sign

    Not sure about your question, but I'm curious where the McCleary cliffs are???