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Tear it up please


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you have a trip on Apr 16 titled:


Goeat Wall (Prime Rib of Goat) - Mazama WA


your banner has font over pano that is aliased (jaggies).

it's worth spending the time to make it look good


your menu bar does this weird creep thing on a hover, due to the bolding of texts.. would be better if each were in a fixed position rather than float:left or whatever it is now.


your contact link in the menu bar is nonfunctional.

when you make it do something, remember to antispam it.


your search works pretty well

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I think I've fixed the menu and the typo. The "Contact" thing isn't done yet for the reason you mentioned - making it work and preventing the spam. I don't think that'll be too hard, just a matter of getting it done. The logo has me baffled because I suck with graphics. I want something with a transparent background but getting it to save in Photoshop without distortion eludes me. I'll figure that one out some day. Thanks for the input.

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