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Rainier: Success or Susnet Ridge or ?

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Usual partner is buried in professional obligations so I'm looking for 1 or possibly 2 people who would like to give a go at Success Cleaver or Sunset Ridge sometime over the next 2 weeks. I'm pretty flexible at present so can accommodate almost anything. Definitely open to other routes. I've summitted Rainier by the Southern cattle route several times, also by Kautz Glacier, 'almost' by Success Cleaver and well... not so almost on Central Mowich due to team dynamics issues.


I'm a 34 year old professional, pretty fit and with lots a good stories. Like to travel on the light side, but definitely don't see it as a race to the top. My technical skills are solid (glacier travel, crevasse rescue, etc) thus, yours must be as well. Prior Rainier experience would be a plus. I have all necessary gear.


Please PM if interested.




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If I get some things straightened out in my work life, I have been studying these routes a lot the last few months. I may be able to commit, but not before next week sometime. Please check back with me next week if you;re still looking. I like the looks of Sunset headwall coulir, but Success Cleaver or something in that immediate area are looking good to me, to me. Was training for Liberty Ridge, but my partners are out, also, now.

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Hey Thomas, My partner's headed for the redwoods this break - i'd rather climb. Not sure if your schedule is flexible enough to accomodate a trip in the 6/24-6/28 range but if so i'd love to return to Rainier. Went up to Hazard on 6/14 before backing out due to unstable slabs. Let me know what you think, if that date range works foranyone else out there feel free to email me - i would also be interested in pretty much any nice route in Oregon too.

me: 24, ice climber from VT, have my own gear and some team equip, Hiked the PCT in 2006 and came back out this summer to climb some volcanoes. Working for OSU, living in Burns, OR

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I know this is somewhat last minute but...I'm suppose to be on Rainier this weekend (sat and sun) for mountain rescue stuff and the forecast looks great for the days leading up to it. would you be able to do a 2 day climb that thursday/friday prior? Send me a message on here if you'd like - I'll check.



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