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  1. partner for Rainier Aug 19-23

    Partner unable to make the trip. I'm flexible but would prefer something from the west or norhtwest starting from Westside Rd or Mowich. I'm 38, profesisonal, have done 15 rainier trips with summits from south and west, other cascade peaks, international stuff. I'm internally intense but externally pretty chill when in the hills. Just like to get it done. Reply or PM if interested. Thanks.
  2. Rainier: Success or Susnet Ridge or ?

    Anyone interested in climbing between now and July 3rd, send me a line. I'm in Ashford and the weather is fantastic. Actually a bit too fantastic, freezing level is going up to 15,000' tonight (6/28). Should cool off a bit over the next 2 days. Hope to hear from you... Tom
  3. Rainier: Success or Susnet Ridge or ?

    Yah, pics on Mike's blog from June 1st showed the headwall couloir looking great. In touch.
  4. Usual partner is buried in professional obligations so I'm looking for 1 or possibly 2 people who would like to give a go at Success Cleaver or Sunset Ridge sometime over the next 2 weeks. I'm pretty flexible at present so can accommodate almost anything. Definitely open to other routes. I've summitted Rainier by the Southern cattle route several times, also by Kautz Glacier, 'almost' by Success Cleaver and well... not so almost on Central Mowich due to team dynamics issues. I'm a 34 year old professional, pretty fit and with lots a good stories. Like to travel on the light side, but definitely don't see it as a race to the top. My technical skills are solid (glacier travel, crevasse rescue, etc) thus, yours must be as well. Prior Rainier experience would be a plus. I have all necessary gear. Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  5. ? Westside Road / Tahoma Creak Trail Conditions

    excellent(!) so long as you weren't us last wk. we tried to permit for tahoma creak approach on the 18th but ranges at Longmire gave us thumbs down. Said engineers concluded suspension bridge was structurally unsound. Ended up approacing west side from Longmire. Not great, as bridges at kautz creek are out and 8 mile trail makes a long approach even longer.
  6. ? Westside Road / Tahoma Creak Trail Conditions

    Came across this PDF with general info re trial damage: known_trail_damage.pdf.
  7. ? Westside Road / Tahoma Creak Trail Conditions

    Thanks Sky. Did a lot of that last year so can imagine the joy to be had at present. Although I'm sure we'll enjoy boulder hopping, may take the creak bed up to the washout before the suspension bridge. Asuming it's still there?
  8. Heading up in a couple wks to do Success Cleaver followed by Sunset Ridge. Tahoma Creak trail had a lot of damage last year and I know it got hit pretty hard during the flood. Recent TRs (Skykilo) seem to confirm this. Anyone been up there recently? If so, any beta would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. May Rainier Conditions?

    Been on the hill several times in early to mid May. If you're lucky you may catch a couple days of clear, but expect conditons to be generally not good to heinous. From our 2002 Kautz trip: Crossing Nisqually we ascended up into whiteout at the fan: Wasn't too bad on the way up the Turtle, save for the unstable snow (on the way down got an express ride from a small slab): Cleared up a bit at turtle camp, and were psyched to see conditions on the Kautz and Wilson: Unfortunately, next morning std early season Rainier Overall, I'd say def go for it. Just plan for crappy weather and consider yourself lucky if you get a clear day. Good Luck!
  10. Recent Pics of the Mowich?

    According to Gator's blog, precip is doing good things. Unfortunately we cant get to it.....grrrr. Btw, anyone interested in climbing Mowich in late may/ early June, let me know.
  11. Recent Pics of the Mowich?

    If May 2005 is recent enough: From Ptarmigan Ice Cliff (left) across the North Mowich Glacier to North Mowich Icefall (right): Pics were taken from Ptarmigan. There's one more in the gallery, just search for "Mowich." Hope they help!
  12. Tahoma Creek Approach / Success Cleaver hike

    It was good to meet you Terry. Was a beutiful day on the hill, not to mention for a mirror lake cleansing: Agree about the south T headwall being a bowling ally. I spoke with the team of 3 you mentioned the previous night at the 8300 bivi. They planned to leave at 0300, but even so, with the freezing level so high...... I'm curious as well. We ended up heading down for the night before heading up to Ingerham flats the next day. Did a consolation climb of the DC. Partner didn't feel up for much else. Will post TR soon. Cheers
  13. best of cc.com Cassin Ridge TR

    Nice work guys. Way to stay in it despite all the not good-ness. Thanks for good read.
  14. Favorite Ashford & in the park food spots?

    Always the Highlander for post climb beers & burgers. Oberlander re-opend last year. Many said it was great in the past. We ate there twice last year. Food was def better than Highlander, but it's a bit more $ and doesn't have the hard guy, hole in the wall feel of the Highlander. Copper Creek for breakfast, fer sher.
  15. Tilly Jane Road Conditions?

    I would have to agree. Was out there 7 wks ago. Very much snow. See attached.