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Looking for a first aid course? Group Pricing Deal


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Hi Folks.


I'm looking for some other people in the Vancouver area to go in on a group purchase for the Slipstream "Advanced Wilderness First Aid Course", an 80hr intensive first aid course. Looking to purchase sometime Feb - early March.


Here is the pricing breakdown from their website:


"Purchase group packages of Wilderness First Aid training vouchers and save!


Group Package EWFA Price* AWFA Price*

3-pack $962 $1782

6-pack $1798 $3247

10-pack $2753 $4992


* EWFA = 40-hour Essential Wilderness First Aid course

* AWFA = 80-hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid course

* All prices are subject to GST


Group vouchers can be used for registration within one year of the issue date. Unused vouchers can be renewed on the expiry date by paying any difference in price between the amount they were purchased for and the current pricing for a similar group package."


A link to the course description:

Slipstream Advanced Wilderness First Aid


The voucher can be USED AT ANY TIME within 12 months of purchase, so we would not have to all be taking the same course dates. This will make it far easier to organize within a group, as it is a purchasing group, not a course group.


If I can find 2 more people it will save us:

$632 - $594 = $38.

If I can find 5 more people it will save us:

$632 - $541 = $91.


Interested? get in contact with me......


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