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backcountry ski routes on Hood


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Let me draw your attention to where I wrote "Zig Zag" and not Government Camp. I'm not asking about the Glade Trail which seems to be what you are commenting on. More specifically, I am interested in what is rumored to be a pretty fun tree run down the west side of hood, via Paradise Park down into the Ramona Falls area and out to Lolo Pass Rd.

Hope this helps.


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Sorry, didn't know you meant the east side of Illumination

Rock and yes, there are several lines over there

that are fun. I've only done one, down to the Riley

Horse Camp, but looked like several other good lines

to be had, some with really good steep shots. In the

winter and early spring, you can only drive to

where the Lolo Pass Road and Road 1825 fork and then

it's a 20 min. ski to/from Riley Horse Camp. If you

haven't been over there before, it would be best to

ski up from there, because it would be easy to over-

shoot that fork in the road and are several cliffy


[big Drink]

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