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Glacier NP?


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Going to be around there this weekend. Actually on the west shore of Flathead Lake - but close enough. I have the Edwards climbing book and am looking for something that will be a decent day climb (up to mid-5th class) - but not a serious pre-dawn to dark ordeal. Looked at Brown or maybe something up by Logan Pass (Clement?).


Sounds like there might even be some cragging near Logans Pass - the Edward book references some cliffs nearby.


Any crags near Flathead/Polson area?


Anyone been climbing around there and have any suggestions?


Seems like the climbs are all pretty chossy.

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There is some cragging at the north end of the lake. There's a place called Kila Crag just west of Kalispell and a place called Somers Dump in Somers at the northern end of the lake. I've never been there, but the name alone makes me question it. There is a small guidebook on these areas available from Rocky Mountain Outfitters. It costs around $5. If I were you, I'd go check out Stone Hill in Eureka MT. Significant amounts of clean quartzite. It's about an hour or so NW of Kalispell. Here's a link to RMO.



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Don't bother with the climbing at Kila. There are about six climbs there on questionable rock....As for climbing the Park, most of the climbing in Glacier is pretty epic stuff. Because of the nature of the rock, it tends to be very brittle and breaks easily so I don't think you are going to be able to find a decent non-committing route in that area. If you are really looking for some climbing about an hour north on 93 is Lake Koukanussa. This is a pretty decent area with some fun trad and bolted climbing. Realistically you are better off bring your mtn bike and checking out some of the amazing mtn biking then the climbing. Trust me I lived there for a while and search high and low for decent stuff and other then the Lake there is nothing up there worth your time/effort.


PS: If you are interested in doing some rock scrambles there are some pretty moderate ones in glacier. I would check out Summit which is a quick one

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Thanks for the info on the area. I only had a couple hours and was feeling a tad lazy - gave Kila a look-see - it was pretty crumbly, but being 15 minutes from a PBR at Mooses made it the winner. Got a guide book for the spot up 93 - will have to hit that for sure next time - looked like a pretty sweet area.

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