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Hall Peak


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Has anyone ever been up this peak on the Mountain Loop Highway just NNW of the Big 4 Range?(Topo: http://topozone.com/map.asp?lat=48.06056&lon=-121.53861)

I read Beckey's route description and it seems do-able, but the only beta I could find was off of Eric's Base Camp (http://ericsbasecamp.net/trips/HallPkArea/HallPkArea.htm)and another website I cannot recall. The West Ridge is what I think is the most do-able climb, so any thoughts or info would be appreciated. ThanksScottscott@nwog.org


Hall Peak from Big 4 trailhead on Mountain Loop Highway

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the best way to climb it is by the west side by a little valley i think called marble basin? the ice must be in good shape as there is a lot to fall on you in the best routes from this way. it is also a great place to take bigginers learning to ice climb. always something do-able. parking is the crux, as their are a bunch of little cabins (silverton) that are being brokin into. and the hiway on the other side of the bridge is not gusstapo friendly.

another easy way up this hill is going by the ice caves, fun ice climbing here also, and going due west going up the gulley between west end of big 4 and hall.

have been working on winter routes on big 4 for over 25 yrs now.

close to home

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