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FS: Tele boots, BD Cobra axes, BD screws


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Hola everybody, my ice climbing motivation has been winding down in years past, and it's time to pass the torch (and the gear!) along. I'm selling my tele boots, my good axes and a bushelfull of screws. Here is some info for ya:



Merrill SuperComp, size 10.5

Leather with a plastic ankle cuff

Three ratchet buckles, rubber toe buckle and a powerstrap

Bright, clean vibram soles

Pinholes clean and sharp

These boots will let you feel your skis much more than a solid plastic boot. Can't free your mind if your feet are in a plastic prison ;o)

$120, will throw in a brand new pair of Riva-Zs with risers and climbing bars for $20.



2002 BD Cobras (carbon fiber clearance shafts)

Both hammers

"Laser" picks (modified and tuned)

No leashes




Turbo express screws (coffee grinder knobs)

Well cared for, all are sharp, no rust

I retire screws after a fall, none have been fallen on

Lots and lots in 10, 15 and 19cm



If you don't like the prices, making me an offer you do like will be far more constructive than whining. No I won't sell you both tools and 8 screws for $200. I will also not convince you that this gear is right for you. If you don't know what it is, look it up or move on. I will happily ship anywhere you like as long as you pay the $5 it will cost me to send an insured PM package. I don't want to trade for the jacket you bought and don't like anymore. I have my own jacket. No ice climbing or tele lessons unless you are cute (and preferably female). I love paypal. If happy fun ball begins to smoke, seek shelter and cover head. PM for pics if you don't know what ice screws look like. Please be sarcastic when replying.


Thanks for looking!

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