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Conditions report from Bishop...


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Don't listen to all those naysayers that are bitching about our record snow. Fact is, the alpine rock is getting good and is going to be great this year. Southern and western facing climbs are snow free, and the talus and scree approaches and descents are covered with a nice bed of spring snow - perfect for kick stepping. Can't get any easier than that!

The snow line is around 9000 feet, give or take 500' (its high down at Whitney portal, lower at Tioga Pass).

For anyone coming right now (like tomorrow), Whitney Portal and Temple Crag is where its at. Granite Dome and Clarks Canyone are also in great temperature conditions.

Also the classic gullies are in right now - U Notch, V Notch, Clyde's. If you wait till late August the rock fall will suck!

Come on down! Don't let the snow reports fool you - its going to be an awesome summer!

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BCS may have a fair bit of snow, and right now it will be COLD. And Rock Creek road isn't open all the way to the end yet. Charlotte Dome may be chilly too, but at least its south-facing. I'm getting ready to post a TR of Whitney Portal today...

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