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HELP! Anyone climb in Northern India? I need beta


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I'm going to be leaving very soon, and need any info I can get. I'm going to hang out in Lei for a while, and then am doing the Kang La & Miyar Glacier Traverse of the Greater Himalaya.. According to my "trekking" guidebook, the peaks along the way are "Ripe for exploration" ..How important is it to get the permit for 6000m+ peaks? The form wants you to be specific on climbs and peaks, and I don't have the time frame to wait it out anyway. Anyone have suggestions on the area? "Ladakh"


Anyone climb Menthosa? And know how hard it is to cross the glacier in August? And how hard the rock step at 21k really is?


Anyway, I'd appreciate the help, even if it's to point me in another direction for help. Any good websites etc. I'd like to show up with a little insight.. I'll be there from July 19th - Sept 22nd

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Hidden Himalaya by Harish Kapadia (sp?)

There's a guide to the Gangotri.


There' both probably on Chessler books' site.


You need a permit for 6000m+ peaks. Anong with a permit comes a lengthy (6 month plus) application process and the requirement to have an LO. Not something you can organize at the last minute. Of course things may have changed in the past few years.

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I almost went there this spring, and I got Kapadia's books. I believe I had to order one from India, due to exorbitant prices in the US. Even though I ended up in Nepal, his books were excellent (if not the only english) guides to the Indian Himalaya.

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