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BD Blizzard Harness on Sale $50.62

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I have the Blizzard harness. It amazes me how stupid some of the things on it are. I didn't realize them in the store when I bought it. If BD had sent me a prototype I could have told them what to fix after using it one day! It's like who the hell designs this shit and gets paid for it?


If you want details, ask.

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Details? What do you like...and not like in the Blizzard?


Edit: I saw someone wearing the Blizzard this weekend, and decided to learn more about it on the web--and noted it was on sale. My post was really for those that might be interested in purchasing it...and getting a deal on it. However...any feedback on what you all like/don't like in a harness would be helpful. What are your favs? bigdrink.gif

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The leg loop retaining straps are always slipping down.


And the BD buckle is still difficult to get tight (double back) with cold hands....


Besides that.....


Just back from my local shoe repair guy (because he has the beefy sewing machine). I like to use BD ice clippers on both sides. On the right side the little built-in slots for the clippers are not in the appropriate place. The first available slot puts the clipper over the gear loop (stupid!). The second slot back is between the front and back gear loop, but for me WAY too far back. I put my clipper on the main strap between the two orange sewed on straps (one for gear loop) but that still put it over the gear loop. I wanted it even further forward (to match the left side). One of the other problems I had was the padded part of the harness was always sliding up or down from under the main strap and the strap dug in. So I have now sewed on a little restraining strap of 1" flat webbing about 1-1/2" from the end of the padded harness that the main strap goes through/under. This solves 2 problems. The padded part will now stay put under the strap and now I have a stable place for the ice clipper that is not over the gear loop and actually positioned where I want it, further forward.


Perhaps some of you don't mind the ice clippers 1/2 way back around your waist so you really have to crank your torso to grab a screw, but I don't. With bulky winter clothes, I want them easy to grab.


On the left side, I put the clipper in the first clipper slot and it's fine and far enough forward and not over the gear loop. But someone please tell me why they made the front gear loop on the left side smaller than the others?


Maybe I'm just anal and like my shit perfect, but I think I've fixed it.


If someone really wants, I'll post a photo!

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The smaller gear loop on the front...I think is for a tool; a quick place to drop a tool when needed (hence, it's an alpine harness vs. rock/sport harness).


Seems like I'm having trouble with the front padded part of my Trango (budget) harness too, and have the same issue with the padded part not going all the way around and sliding up or down (especially with winter clothing). Post your photo; it'd be nice to glean what you've done and maybe I'll do the same.


I don't think you're anal...actually, I think it saves energy if all the little things that create discomforts or confusion are modified or fixed...so that one can focus on the more important things during a climb.

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