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I'd be interested in the BD Stingers. That is, if they are the ones with the "waterfall recurve droop" to them that fit on "old skewl" BRS X-15s and such.


A quick check on www.bdel.com indicates that the Stinger is no longer available, only Fusion, Laser/Titan, and Alaska picks. The Laser/Titan (so slashed because when you click to enlarge, BD uses the same jpeg file for both picks, so I assume that they are the same pick???) appears to look a lot like my current X-15 picks, which I've always referred to as "Cobra" picks.


So is the Stinger pick the same as the Laser/Titan pick? The site says that the Laser comes standard on the Cobra tool, and I (and John at Hyperspud) have always referred to the picks on my X-15s as "Cobra" picks.

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I believe the Laser is ice-specific (thinner, b-rated) and the Titan is similar to the Cobra (thicker, suitable for mixed/alpine, t-rated), except that it doesn't have that annoying bulge in the top that cuts into your hand when trying to use the tool in cane position. No idea about the Stinger.

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It did, indeed, help me in my decision. Thank you.


It would appear, then, that I have one Cobra and one Stinger pick for my tools, and that your picks should obviously work on my X-15s. If the two Stingers are still available, I would like to acquire them from you.


Let's switch to PM for payment options and shipping discussion.

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