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Devil's Toothpick


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galene lakes trail is the worst possible way to get to the toothpick. as you would have to go over the d.tongue and descend


either go in by maselpanik cr and drop to international glacier, make quick first ascent of n. face couloir (if still icy and not melted out) to u-shaped notch then up standard route, or, approach to silver lake by standard route (via depot creek, one long day) then easily up to u-shape notch from south side


don't forget to post a tr!

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Oh yes according to a little bird the Galene Lakes trail is about like the Hanging Lakes trail, ie. returned to the spirits of river and forest.


Yeah, I heard the same thing...just checking out different options. I might make a recon trip this weekend and see just how bad that trail is. Those crazy Canucks lie sometimes wink.gif just to keep us from snooping around up there. Thanks Dru

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Now there's a peak to climb. Vacation is what I got!


Alrighty then...you bring the dehydrated-refried beans (never knew there was such a thing wink.gif) and I'll pack the rope.

Can we do it this year ?



Let's save it for next year. I still have to do Rahm but I'm sure you wouldn't want to pass up the rest in the area. Don't worry, your worthy to climb with. wink.gif

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