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Request for a history of Squamish climbing....


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I have always felt that there are a lot of really good stories about Squamish. Like the story of the FA of Genius Loci, or stories behind the name of routes. How about the hijinks of a certain Tami Knight? yellaf.gif Squamish is small, and was really off the radar for a lot of people until recently, but it has it's own unique history that would be really interesting to hear.


Yesterday, when I read that Darryl Hatten had died, I had the feeling that a project like this has to start soon, if it is to be complete. Some of the pioneers of this area are getting older, whether old enough to pass on, or simply old enough to forget the details tongue.gif, I think that a lot of good stories are going to be lost in the near future.


I imagine a sort of anthology of short stories. Some historical photos might be nice too.


For me the fact that so many of the "famous" climbers are simply your neighbour, or the guy who is coming to trim your trees, has always been a cool aspect of the climbing community. The drawback to that, I think, is that we don't neccesarily value the stories enough, as we always feel that we will be able to hear them again and again, because they will always be here, but eventually they won't. History is cool.


OK, I admit, this is a pretty selfish post, as I have no intention (time, talent, whatever) of doing anything about it, but would love to know if anyone has thought of doing this, or has maybe even started. I will buy it if someone steps up to the plate though... thumbs_up.gif

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Get a copy of the old notebook that used to be in the shack on Bellygood...that thing was a riot!


Yes, the "summit" register from Bellygood was great. I never figured out who wrote most of it, Carl or Scott. Pretty funny lines about Perry.


Mountain had a good history by Robin Barley in 1979, and Gordy Smaills guidebook is one of a kind.

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