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Your Definition of 'Patriotism'


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General statements are considered safe. Without facts, there is little to challenge and all is opinion.


That statement, in particular, carries no message and adds nothing to the discussion. Such a statement can neither be refuted nor defended. Bring something concrete to the table and let's chat.

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trask is a butch dyke trapped in a redneck's body.


Is that why he gets off watching himself naked?


your statement is illogical. why would a butch dyke like to look at a redneck's body? duh?


unless of course trask really does get off looking at himself, which would mean the butch dyke inside him is unable to come to terms with her own heterosexuality.



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The patriotism theme has sort of played out, but the topic of the Constitution has possibilities. I don't have any specific wish that it be amended. I just want to say that I believe the founding fathers apparently intended for it to be very difficult to amend by requiring ratification by 3/4 of the state legislatures. Notwithstanding, it has been amended 17 times since the Bill of Rights (the first 10).


The most fertile ground for discussion, I believe is interpretation of the Constitution. Conservative jurists tend to interpret the document as they believe was the intent of the authors, whereas more liberal jurists treat it as a living document which is modified by precendent, current law, etc. Judge Robert Bork, who was nominated for the US Supreme Courst, was of the former persuation. He was considered so extreme in his views by the then democratic majority in Congress that his nomination was not confirmed. The term "Borked" then entered our lexicon.


Currently, we have a row over confirmation of some very conservative judges nominated by Bush ( Miguel Estrada , for example, withdrawn in September). The dems consider them so extreme in their views that they are willing to fillibuster in order to prevent confirmation from coming to a vote.

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