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  1. Freney Pro

    Anybody know about these boots? I can't find anything on Black Diamond or Scarpa websites about them. What niche are they trying to fill? I saw them at Marmot, and heaven forbid someone would actually help a guy out.
  2. Mile O Hotel

    Thought I'd drop a few editorial comments on the newer management of the Mile O in Lillouet. Apparently, in order to save money, the maid turns your thermostat down to the lowest setting when she cleans the room; this happened to me on both occasions when I stayed there. Second, after a day of climbing this past weekend, I returned to my room to a nice, semi-tepid shower; that is fucked. After talk with several others, it appears that quality of service is going downhill. Draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions. Roark
  3. What happened to the 'fucktard'?

    I liked being a 'conservative beefcake fucktard'. Besides, I'm sure most agree, on this website, that I AM a fucktard and I'm okay with that. Mods, please make me a fucktard again. Thank you. Roark
  4. What's it gonna take?

    Don't we all.
  5. What's it gonna take?

    If anyone brings up Texas, or politics, just say "I done come t' this here place to talk 'bout climbin' and that's wut I've a mind t' do". CBS, I can't believe you would stereotype this dude in such a way. THIS is exactly the reason that people get scared off from this website, intolerance from people like you!! (I couldn't even type this with a straight face, hehehe)
  6. Best of the Banned

    What about Chocolate trombone or donkeypunch?
  7. Do you use a cooking oil or something thicker?
  8. Best of the Banned

    I miss mikeadam and chepe
  9. Fuck you, you clown punching rim licker Does this mean that I punch the clown while licking rim, or that I punch the clown while fanatizing about licking YOUR rim, or that I punch YOUR clown while licking your rim? I'm so confused. I know you're confused, that is evident. It means that you punch your own clown and simulate licking your own rim using kitchen implements.
  10. I thought you only soiled yourself during reruns of "Cops".
  11. Fuck you, you clown punching rim licker
  12. What's it gonna take?

    Everyone gets discriminated against. Come out and join in the fun.
  13. What happened to the 'fucktard'?

    No fucking shit. I totally fucking agree with you.
  14. What happened to the 'fucktard'?

    Wow, I agree with jkrueger. Maybe there will be peace in the world someday; this is certainly a miracle.
  15. f-in trask

    Thanks for the sentiment, but your poetry skill suck donkey dick.
  16. f-in trask

    Where you are the sphincter
  17. f-in trask

    To our fallen comrade-in-arms, , fighting the war of spray and dying a valiant death.
  18. Like Rats from a sinking ship

    Don't gloat, it's beneath you.
  19. Like Rats from a sinking ship

    To this I can only say, "I know you are, but what am I?" uuhhh wasn't that VICE presedent there smarty pants??? Could be, it still stands.
  20. msbehavin gone?

    What happened to that little pixie? With a mouth like that, you wouldn't take her home to mom, but she was fun to kick around here. Why was she banned? I'm smelling a conspiracy by some female moderator jealous at all the attention 'behavin was getting. Comments?
  21. "FW: Why it is Great to be a guy"

    Classic, Dru.