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Binding mount templates, AT and Tele


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So, let's start a little database of mounting templates for backcountry bindings.


Scans of originals are good idea, and if there are no dimensions on them, then put a ruler or something in the pic to allow people to get them printed at the right scale.




Beck had a good point, that the dimesions may not be accurate if you print these out. Two options to work around that.


1) Manipulate in image software, until all printed dimensions match those on the diagram. May or may not end up accurate.


2) Draw you own template using these dimensions, and the original as a guide.


Always check against your binding before drilling.




Unfortunately there is no *freshiezone* specific gallery in the photo area yet, so if you can't host the photos your self, PM me and I will help you find a spot.


Here's the G3 Targa to get us started:



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Dynafit AT binding...




[edit] This is from the wildsnow.com Dynafit FAQ:

According to Life-Link, the actual physical hole dimensions of the binding are: On the toe piece, the 4 hole pattern is 30mm X 26.5mm and the front hole is 18mm. On the heel piece, the hole pattern is 32mm on the front holes, 36mm on the rear holes and 53mm between front and rear holes. If necessary, verify all with calipers.
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