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climbing w/kids


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I plan on taking my kids (ages 6 and 9) to Icicle Creek this weekend and do some easy top-roped climbing. Any suggestions? The oldest can do 5.8/9 in the gym but this will be her first time on real rock. I’d like to make it a fun and safe experience so they will want to do it again.

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I've climbed with kids at the icicle on a number of occasions. It a lot of fun. As they say, "Kids say the darnedest things". If you err on choosing the grade, err on the easy side. If they complain it is too easy, put up a harder top rope. Have lots of good food and drinks on hand and remind them to partake so they don't get grouchy. Teach them how to belay one another, but be close by while they are learning. It's good if you have a second adult at the top to help coach and keep an eye on the anchor(s). I hope you all have fun and be safe.

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Borrowed these from Syjakowski.

ROTO WALL (5.3-5.8)


X/Y Cracks (5.5 -5.10)

LARGE slabby boulders to the right (east) of Alphabet rock/z-crack- tr'able (mounties set up here)

Large boulder uproad (west) from Bolt rock- couple tr's



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