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Ashlu or Athelstan???


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In the Mclane guide book one of these 2 mountains (Ashlu or Athelstan) has a really nice looking ridge on it that has no route description. The peak has 2 5.10 routes on it and there is a dotted line decsent on the picture that comes down a ridge. Any one have any beta on this??

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Its getting to the point it would require a Unimog. You can get in with a short wheelbase hc-pickup but I hope you have skid plate. Problem is the waterbars are deep and narrow and have ridges of the excavated material left. I nearly ripped the bumper off my gov't truck going up there once in my old job.


The latest road report for Ashlu says:


2003.07.07 Marco Iucolino Road Update -

A few of the many waterbars on this road are getting bad. A Jeep Cherokee was dragging its underside on a few of them. It is a real test of your suspension and off road driving skill. A shorter wheelbased 4x4 was better suited to the task. Crossing the bridge by vehicle at Shortcut Creek is no longer possible.

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Note re: road:

A friend apparently just snapped the axle on his brand new Ranger 4X4 trying to negotiate one of the bigger ditches.


But, apparently somebody got in to do another new route on the south face. Musta had a big valley truck grin.gif 4 x 70m pitches to 5.11 fruit.gif

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