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From what I've heard most of the unrest is in Buenos Aries. Mendoza is a reasonable sized city, but I wouldn't expect similar events there.

If it reduces the crowds on Aconcogua a bit that would be a good thing for your trip. The Polish is getting more crowded every year...

For local information email Fernando Grajales. He and his staff were really helpful to us last year. His web address is www.grajales.net

Check your email. I finally sent those pics I promised. Cheers!

[ 12-21-2001: Message edited by: ehmmic ]

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Hey TG,

Better bring your groceries with you, looks like the shelves may be empty when you get there. THis is the NY Times yesterday.....

"Tensions have been building for the last four days as poor people massed around supermarkets in the cities of Rosario, Concordia and Mendoza, demanding handouts and sometimes breaking down doors to loot. But the sporadic, isolated disturbances suddenly swelled in the predawn hours across the country today, even reaching the working- class slums surrounding the capital."


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