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Hood or Adams July 22 or 23 ish

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Visiting from Squamish. Looking for partners for day trips on Mount Hood, Mount Adams, or other nearby peaks. A summit route would be nice. Day trips preferred. Staying in White Salmon. Bivi possible but not ideal. Open to suggestions. Happy to get out in the mountains at all.

  • Experienced on most terrain, comfortable on glaciers, rock, ice, scree, and just about anything. 
  • Solid technical skills, but out of practice. My ego won’t be slammed if you tell me my techniques are out of date either. I try to keep up with American guiding standards and nerd out on this stuff hard but I’m realistic about how little I’ve practiced recently. 
  • Prefer to move fast but won’t be racing. My off the couch level has proven to be good for big days but I’m no Eric Carter. 
  • Fine to go with someone less experienced, provided they’re enthusiastic, capable and a quick learner. 
  • Also fine to go with someone experienced, fast, skilled and knowledgeable, but I assume these unicorns will be busy climbing mountains with other unicorns. 

New to this forum. If there’s a more active or better place to find partners please let me know.

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Hi Sara,

I will be staying outside of Portland around that time and could potentially be up for a day trip! Sounds like our experience and style may be similar. I'm not sure if Hood conditions will be good at that time, but certainly Adams or something else could be fun. If you'd like to connect and discuss further, send me a message here or email me at dmill629@gmail.com.


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Hi Sara, 

Not to toot my own horn, but I like to think I fall in this category. Depending on weather I may be heading down to Adams (from Bellingham) this coming weekend- May 18th - 19th - but might make it down there May 17th. Do you ski as well? My plan is lapping the SW Chutes. If this isn't your fancy, we can talk other objectives. Shoot me a message if you like: eric6mann@gmail.com




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