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Boots for big feet?


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Hey ya'll!


I'm having a hard time getting a proper fitting pair of boots. 

I wear a size 13/47 street shoe. Nepal EVO GTX 14/48 wrecked my toes on descent. 

Scarpa 14.5/49 fit well but doesn't accept full auto crampons (their sizing is a bit different after you pass 48).

Has anyone sized from a 47 up to a 49 in Nepals? I can't seem to find any half sizes past 48 for La Sportivas.

Or, has anyone had a similar problem and used higher arch footbeds to create a little more room in the toe box of the 48's? Finding pairs this large to try has proven almost impossible and buying a new pair of boots from the UK unsure of the fit is well, scary considering their price tags.

Any information or input is appreciated, thanks!!

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Im not sure what your goals are in climbing. I wear a size 14.5 and have a pair of 49 scarpa phantom techs that accept a fully-automatic crampon. I had to order them from europe since they didn't make my size in the US but I found a good deal on them. So far they're great. only drawback is the durability of the gator. 


Here is a link to a euro website w/ larger shoe sizes. https://www.bergfreunde.eu/mountaineering-boots/for--men/size--49/?bfc-size[]=48&bfc-size[]=48c5&bfc-size[]=49c5

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I have about the same size feet as you. Measure US 13 and wear 13 or 14 (47 or 48 euro size) shoes/boots. For me, 48 is big enough, and that's the size of my Garmont summer mountaineering boots which accept semi-auto. For ski boots I'm in size 28-30. Works for me, but definitely need some punches or shell molding in the smaller size resort ski boots!

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