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[TR] Abernathy Peak - Northwest Ridge 08/22/2020


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Trip: Abernathy Peak - Northwest Ridge

Trip Date: 08/22/2020

Trip Report:

Abernathy Peak 8321’ Trip Report – August 22-24, 2020

I climbed Abernathy Peak,  the Northwest Ridge Route, over the weekend.  This route can be done in 2 long days, I started late so I stretched it into a third day.  The weather was perfect all weekend 70’s – 80’s.  I started at the Cedar Creek Trailhead off Hwy 20 about 5 miles West of Mazama.  I went up Trail 476 (Cedar Creek Trail) about 8.5 miles.  At 5600’on the trail I took a hard left off the trail heading East along the 5600’contour line heading toward the South Fork of Cedar Creek.  The bushwacking on this approach is pretty nice by Cascade standards.  Most of the brush is waste deep and not super  thick, so navigation was pretty easy.  Once to the South Fork of Cedar Creek, I follow up the East side of the creek to Lamont Lake (6640’).  Getting up to the lake requires some work, either a loose rock gully or some Class 3 rock.  The camping along  Lamont Lake is fantastic, lots of room and flat areas for tents.   Just before heading out in the morning from the lake I was serenaded by a pack of coyotes for about 30 seconds from somewhere on the other side of the lake. They must have felt that it was a glorious morning too.  I climbed up a gully on the Southwest side of the lake that lead to the Northwest Ridge leading to Abernathy Peak.   The gully is loose rock and steep up the middle but there is a goat trail off to the right side which is a better route.  Once on the Northwest Ridge to Abernathy the travel is very nice, lots of potential for camping.  About halfway to Abernathy Peak you will start hitting 2nd & 3rd Class rock that will take you to the summit.  Some of the rock on the ridge is exposed but fairly solid.  There are a couple plateaus along the way up that you could camp on.  Overall the climb is very nice with decent views and you get to checkout some history in the old mining area.  The trail approach is nice with several camping options along the way.   Most people on this trail are day hikers, I was the only climber in the area this weekend. 

Some Tips and Notes:

  • 1.       There are several camp spots along the Cedar Creek Trail & great camping at Lamont Lake. 
  • 2.       The bushwacking to Lamont Lake is not bad compared to the Westside of the Cascades.
  • 3.       There is about 600’ vertical of steep gully or Class 3 rock to get to Lamont Lake by way of the South Fork of Cedar Creek.  There may be an easier way but this was fine for me.
  • 4.       There is no water on the Northwest Ridge to Abernathy so bring what you need from the lake. 

Travel Time for reference:  Day 1 (TH to Lamont Lake), 7 hours – Day 2 (Summit & back to lower camp off trail), 11 hours – Day 3 (back to car),  1 hours.

Gear used:   Trekking Poles, Helmet, Full Gaiters, Work Gloves.


The camping at Lamont Lake is very nice, worth the bushwack!  


Gully climb up from Lake Lamont to the Northwest Ridge of Abernathy Peak.  I climbed the gully closest to the 1st pointy peak, you can see the goat trail at the base of the peak.


Northwest Ridge to Abernathy Peak.  Nice relaxing ridge climb.


Some old mining equipment along the route.


Summit View - A good peak to plan other climbs from.

Gear Notes:
 Trekking Poles, Helmet, Full Gaiters, Work Gloves.

Approach Notes:
Trail 476 (Cedar Creek Trail). Bushwacking to Lamont Lake.
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