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LJ Morelli

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My short research yielded no results for me. I have a battle rope that I'd like to try and climb, even though it's not quite designed for that purpose. I'd like to secure it to a tree limb. Looking for suggestions, I'd like to be able to take it down so it's not so exposed to the elements. All I can think of is securing a chain around the limb, fairly snug, but before I do that slide the rope through a couple of feet and make a knot.  The knot will prevent the rope from slipping out. Now, what does someone with some experience have to offer. If it's additional hardware, please leave names / links. Much appreciated.

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Dynamic ropes are needed for lead climbing, but it sounds like you have more of an ascending the rope thing in mind. Static rope is better for jugging.

Regarding protecting the tree from the rope, look at this thread for some ideas. It's what I found in 5 minutes of Googling. https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/112825859/peterskill-tree-anchors-protocol

You'll probably find more if you look under static line set up or maybe arborist rigs. 

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