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Skagit Alpine Club- 2020 Basic Mountaineering Class!


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The Basic Mountaineering Course is being offered by the Skagit Alpine Club this year between April 8th and June 7th. The objective of the course is to introduce you to the mountains and teach the basics of climbing in the alpine environment. The entire course is run by volunteer members of the club

The course is designed to teach the fundamentals of climbing in the alpine environment and provide you the skills necessary to safely travel and camp on snow and glaciers. The course not only introduces the fundamentals of climbing, but also provides an environment and opportunity for team building, trip planning, and building trust with climbing partners.

The course consists of several weeks of classroom sessions and field outings. Classroom sessions will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 9:00 PM. The location of the classes is typically within the city of Burlington. The classroom sessions are accompanied by weekend outings to practice skills. Destinations for weekend outings are not predetermined and will be based on weather, road, and other conditions. The course is set to begin April 8th with the last outing being June 6-7th.

The minimum requirements for registering for the Basic Mountaineering Course are:

· Must 18 years and older

· In good physical conditioning

· Available to attend all the classes and outings

To sign up for the course, go to the REGISTRATION PAGE. Options for the registration fee are provided once the registration form is submitted.

For more information, visit the SAC website


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