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[TR] Mt. Baker - Heliotrope Ridge Ice Playground 11/01/2019

Kyle M

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Trip: Mt. Baker - Heliotrope Ridge - Heliotrope Ridge Ice Playground

Trip Date: 11/01/2019

Trip Report:


Took advantage of the cold autumn weather and lack of snow to do a little easy ice climbing on the flows above the Heliotrope Ridge Trail before reaching the glacier overlook. There are an abundance of ice flows just 1-1.5 hrs from the car, mostly in the WI2-3 range. It is like a little ice playground. We climbed one super fun 4 pitch route that ended with the obvious ice gully that splits the upper headwall beneath the Coleman Glacier. All in all, it is super fun place with easy, safe, accessible ice and a great warm up for the season. Check it out!



For more details see: https://climberkyle.com/2019/11/05/heliotrope-ridge-ice-playground/


Gear Notes:
Ice is thick enough to take screws. All climbs are walkoffs.

Approach Notes:
Up the Heliotrope Trail, you will start to see frozen flows up and to the right as you go.

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