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Looking for a partner for Rainier Single Day


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Is anyone interested in a single day climb of Rainier during this weekend (June 8th or 9th) or next weekend (June 4th or 15th). Its quite a day so would need a partner that has experience going for 6k feet in a day. Available throughout the summer but would like to knock it out sooner rather than later! 

I would be down for a typical two-day climb next weekend but do not have a reservation. Let me know if anyone is interested or looking for a partner. 


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Dear All,  how teaming up about Mt Rainier or other peak during July 18 - July 23 ?  I'm very experienced in alpine mountaineering, with 40+ peaks of same/higher difficulty than Rainier between 14,000 and 24,000 feet, and practice rescue almost every year.  The one -day challenge is not a requirement, but have endurance to do that - have done up to 20 hour mountain trip and up to 16,000 uphill feet in one long day.   Nowadays based in Oxford UK,  visiting OHSU in Portland for work - unfortunately I don't know any mountaineers in Pacific North West, so keen to team up !   Thanks,  Vaclav

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