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  1. Hi guys I currently live in Minnesota I’m 17 and moving out to Bellingham in July I’m new to mountaineering I’ve done a good amount of hiking for my age and I’m in good shape. I have a slight fear of heights but for some reason I feel the need to go up high. I’m looking for partners to go hiking and climbing with thanks.
  2. Looking for a partner for Rainier Single Day

    I was thinking about doing this next year but let me know if you want to do any climbs next year I’ll be in Bellingham next summer
  3. Ptarmigan traverse 2020

    Hi I’m looking for partners for the ptarmigan traverse. I’m going in 2020 in August I’m going for 4 days however that is flexible. I plan on going unassisted as it doesn’t seem necessary. If anybody is interested let me know.
  4. Ptarmigan traverse

    Hi I’m looking for a partner for the ptarmigan traverse heading north to south in 2020 most likely in the middle of August. we will be going mostly unassisted to keep down weight please have some experience doesn’t need to be much. We will be gone for four days my phone number is two one eight two five five five zero nine three