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Mt Washington South East Ridge


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Is anyone on this site familiar with an old route on the southeast ridge of Mt. Washington starting off with a 50-60ft slab with excellent cracks, and continuing on with some old petons?  I feel like someone may have mentioned to me that it was in an old climbing guide, but I cannot recall.  If anyone has information on it that would be awesome!

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Nick, I have researched the south east spur route and this isn't the route that I climbed.  It looks like a killer route, the one I found myself on seems to be more of a southwest route, starting with some cracky slab climbing just above the chute that looks to be to the left of the southeast spur route.  If you have pictures of the southwest spur route I would be very interested if you feel like sharing them.

The route I found starts with a hundred feet or so of excellent crack/slab climbing on which there are a few old peleton anchors.  The first crux of this route currently has some old white webbing wrapped around a horn to the right of a small chimney at the top of the first pitch.  This is the committing move as it is not easily downclimbed from this point on.

Thanks for the info all who have responded.  I am planning to go back to this route with proper gear and will try to give a full report of route, pictures included!

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