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Port Angeles winter training/climbing community?

Holly T

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Hey All! I'm moving to the PA area this January and, of course, upon receiving the job offer, ferociously googled local climb-ability. I realize that it's winter so (dry rock) trips outdoors on the weekends are a no go for the time being and it seems like there aren't any gyms in the area. I lack the resources to invest in ice gear this winter and I'll be living in communal/rented housing thus don't have a great opportunity to build a woody. I'm psyched to be in the region for so many reasons and know that there is plenty of recreating to be done BUT worried about lack of local gym/climbing community. 
For those of you who live on the Olympic peninsula - what's it like? What do you do for training in the winter months (if you're not ice climbing)? maybe you would share your woodies and/or friendship with me?
Thanks for any input! 

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