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  1. Thank.. The weather sites are predicting some pretty nice days closer to Memorial weekend.
  2. Anyone been out to climb things on SR 20 since they opened the road in April? Wanting to go climb Libery Bell on Memorial weekend?
  3. Anyone been up to Lillooet in the last few days? Heading up there this weekend.
  4. Don't care if this sounds dorky, but I'm going to climb Mt Rainier for the first time over the 4th of July weekend! Very psyched about it!! Anyone else going up there that weekend?
  5. Okay, it seems that it's been awhile now since anyone has posted anything on this subject. I do a lot of rock and mountaineering climbing and I have to say that the Freshette is GREAT!!!!! I don't have to go hide all the time to do my thing; I don't have to get half naked; don't have to wait a long time for that right opportunity. My Weenis ROCKS!
  6. Yeah, my question is more for Mounaineering climbing. Rock climbing it usually only happens my first climb of the season when I'm a little nervous. After that I get usually get right into my mental climbing zone when I'm on the rock. I become one w/rock
  7. Hi everyone!! New to this site. So, last year I fell in love with climbing and hiking. I get out every weekend when I get the chance and have come a long way. During this time I've noticed sometimes the mind can be a powerful thing when it comes to any sport. I do lot's of climbs and sometimes I find that one day I'm completely motivated and really into it. Other times I start out okay only to find myself starting to doubt my ability to do the climb making it very difficult and challenging to finish. I find myself fighting thoughts of quitting, giving up or wanting to stop and rest all the time. Do any of you out there ever have this happen to you to? What do you do to help push yourself and overcome that mental battle. Any tips are appreciated!!
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