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  1. Mt Hood's Yoccum RIdge

    Anybody have any beta on the Yoccum Ridge? Any info would be appreciated, Thanks
  2. Favorite routes

    Here are my picks... DISCLAIMER: 1. As requested, these are MY FAVORITES 2. Some of these routes are hard (becasue I tend to get the most out of hard routes) 3. Some of these routes are in Oregon 4. Some of these routes are not technically part of the Cascades (but they're pretty close) Fun Rock Trad: Zebra w/ Zion finish @ Smith -- Basically sport climbing w/ trad pro Scary Rock Trad: Christian Brothers Traverse -- There's a rusty 1/4" bolt hanging on my wall that I pulled out (with my fingers) of one of the belays Easy Rock Sport: Five Gallon Buckets @ Smith -- Too good to be true. As for BBQ the Pope, its good, but you guys should bring your hiking boots next time and try Screaming Yellow Zonkers Committed Rock Sport: Monkey Space @ Smith -- Easiest free route up the monkey w/ big holds and big moves "Big" Mountain: North Ridge, Mt Jefferson -- Jeff is (without a doubt) the most difficult Cascade summit over 10K ft. This route has everything: Crappy snow, crappy rock, crappy ice Alpine: South Face, Mt Waddington -- Not in the Cascades, but its so cool, I think it should be an honorary member of the range Coolest Scramble: Mt Thielsen -- what a summit!
  3. Ice pics

    Where are these taken?