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  1. Believe me I have prepped him that he will be totally humbled again! He's already a little too cocky (with me anyway) about his abilities on alpine. He does hike with me and is seeing the advantages of tele skis for that. I'm not going to push it hard, thus the reason I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on gear he'll out grow in another year.


    The good news is that he made me teach him to ski the first time and actually wants me to do it again. My premise has always been "don't teach family and friends how to ski!"

  2. My son, age 11, great skier already, announced he wants to learn tele this year. I found some newer asolo extreme race boots from a woman at a garage sale, so I think those will work. Now I'm looking for some 140cm old school (not parabolic) skis that are lightweight and some bindings. So if anyone has some old kids stuff hanging around, let me know.


    Anyone have experience dealing with kids on tele yet?

  3. My experience 3 years ago might help a tad....


    Misadventure in N. Fork Tunnel Creek June, 2003


    This was supposed to be my Warrior Cirque traverse. I think I was delusional! My plan was to approach via N. Fork Tunnel Creek, ascend the Papoose and then start traversing the ridge over the Squaw, Brave, over both summits of Warrior and then over Cloudy Peak and out Alphabet ridge topping off with Infinity tower. It looked doable on the map. I got messed up from the beginning because Friday night I approached 2.5 miles up S. fork Tunnel Creek and slept in the shelter. So Saturday began at 5:00 am by hiking 2.5 miles back to the car and finding the proper start up N fork. The forest service road shown on the Gazateer is abandoned, so it's a longer hike up the seldom-used trail towards Charlia lakes. I expected slightly better trail because this is an alternative "approach" to Constance, but I don't think too many climb from this side ever. About 3 miles in I left the trail l and crossed the river and made the approach up NF Tunnel Creek which reminded me a lot of my bushwhack up Access Creek last year. There were very few signs of traffic in the area. Well it's way too rugged on that Warrior Arm and the notches between summits are gnarly, so after breaking out above tree line I ended up just climbing up snow fingers as much as possible and a final ridge scramble to Desperation Peak which is just above Crystal Pass. Nice view of Warrior, Inner Constance, West Ridge route of Constance and all the way down Avalanche Canyon to Lake Constance. I was carrying bivy gear, stove, 8 mil rope and a medium rack. I concluded that from my position the only realistic way out was back the way I came, so I headed down again. The schrund on the glacier?/snow slope was huge and I was not sure I could get across, but the far west end was a small enough gap that I could jump. My plan was to then just bivy when I got to the bottom of the open slopes before going back into the forest. But it was only 6:00 so I decided to keep going. I didn't relish the idea of sleeping in the forest with mosquitoes so I kept going into the dark and I made it back to the car around 10:30pm and in my bed at midnight. This trip can be improved I think if you approach all the way to Charlia Lakes and start up Alphabet Ridge and go the reverse direction. Like I've always said though, the Olympics are not a range to be underestimated. It's very rugged and remote out there!

  4. With Mt Constance Shoppe closing a few years ago, now it is virtually impossible to buy climbing gear west of Puget Sound. Hate to say it, but I think REI should be opening a store in Kitsap County, probably Silverdale. They have a huge market over here. Even without them, the smaller specialty shops can't seem to float, but REI with much broader and bigger inventory would survive.

  5. Here's my trip report. Just another shitty 2 days in Paradise so you didn't miss anything! cantfocus.gif


    We filled our glasses with wine or beer. We walked out the long driveway with no headlamps to the road. We waited for a car to go by which took at least five minutes. We crossed the road and waited for another car to go by. We all pointed to nothing in the sky even though the full moon was spectactular. The goose did not get hit by a car. We crossed the road and walked back in the dark. Nobody got hurt.

  6. If you're on Stevens Pass, you are WAY off route for skiing on the North Cascades Hwy! Nonetheless a very kind gesture! Perhaps you can bring a load when you come to our very fine party!

  7. Maybe Dean was confused in selecting what he climbed... Delicate Arch is hardly "delicate" and in no risk of falling down in the next millenium. On the other hand "Landscape Arch" does appear to be delicate. I always thought they got the names mixed up, especially how Delicate Arch frames the white capped La Sal mountains in the background while Landscape Arch frames nothing significan or spectacular.




    Just thread drift......



    Traveling east over WA Pass: The property/cabin is approx 4.5 miles past the turn off to Mazama on the North side of the road. It is also approx .5 miles before you cross the Wyman bridge over the Methow river where the Goat Creek rd merges. (so traveling w on Hwy 20 look for it on the right about .5 miles after crossing it) There is a white PVC arch and a metal gate which is now locked. The fencing is zig-zag style stacked railing. If you intend to arrive before Friday evening sometime, please call me at 206-714-4300 for the combo.


    You do not need a SUV to get in. Any regular car is fine. The driveway meanders back into the woods. The tent camping area is accessed via the left at the fork when you see the cabin.


    Bring water or expect to hike 1/4 mile to the river to get it. Also, bring fire wood if you can. All I ask is that you leave the property in better condition than we found it!


    Any questions, call me or email me at dpparker60 at hotmail.


    ski ya soon!!!



  9. We are clear to use the cabin and camping site in Mazama as we did for the first 2 CC spring ski fests. As you unofficial host (I do not actually own the property) the weekend of 12-14 works for me. I encourage all moms to attend. There is lots to do other than skiing! I also approve parents with children attending at their own risk of exposure to drinking skiiers around a bonfire. If children are present, I ask any smokers of various substances to be discreet.


    Once again, I will order a porta-potty to be on site. The owner of the property is very gracious to allow this event to take place and so we owe the respect of leaving it in better condition than we find it. It appears he and his wife will actually be there this year (Saturday night) and so you will have the opportunity to thank him in person!


    We will need firewood and you should be responsible for your own food and barbque supplies. We have at least two large webber grills. Also, there is a hand pump well, but the water is rusty so your option is to bring lots yourself or walk the 1/4 mile to the river with a container.


    Folks are free to arrive on Friday night if they wish. I will post directions once the date is finalized.

  10. Anyone want to suggest most bang for the buck solo trip in Bailey Range starting Friday eve and ending Sunday afternoon? I will go light and fast, but don't want anything "rediculouslookatmeandwhatididcartocarspeedevent". Little or no 5th class over 5.5 please. Happy to have a tag along too if so inclined.

  11. That's too bad but really we can blame it on a shitty snow year and the fact that most everyone has moved on from the idea of skiing to climbing. There are still great turns to be had however and I expect some good lines will still be skied this spring!


    I am still up for hosting a party here soon under another label.....it's a great spot!

  12. On teletips.com there is a new concept known as center ball of foot (CB) goes at center of running surface of ski (CRS). You might check that out. To find center of of running surface, push ski down on a table push a thin piece of cardboard or credit card until it contacts ski and mark the ski contact point at tip and tail and find middle. If that works well, you owe me a bigdrink.gif


    I've been thinking of this same setup as I have an older pair of Silverettas. Looks way better than slowshoes! Where did you find those things and are there more?

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