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  1. We also need briquettes. There are at least 2 webber grills we can have going. I'm bringing a chain saw and another might be good too. Some loppers might be handi. I;ll assume we'll have enough stoves for other type cooking for coffee etc.





    Traveling east over WA Pass: The property/cabin is approx 4.5 miles past the turn off to Mazama on the North side of the road. It is also approx .5 miles before you cross the Wyman bridge over the Methow river where the Goat Creek rd merges. (so traveling w on Hwy 20 look for it on the right about .5 miles after crossing it) There is a metal gate which is now locked. The fencing is zig-zag style stacked railing. If you intend to arrive before Friday evening sometime, please call me at 206-714-4300 for the combo.


    You do not need a SUV to get in. Any regular car is fine. The driveway meanders back into the woods. The tent camping area is accessed via the left at the fork when you see the cabin.


    Bring water or expect to hike 1/4 mile to the river to get it. Also, bring fire wood if you can. All I ask is that you leave the property in better condition than we found it!


    Any questions, call me or email me at dpparker60 at hotmail.


    ski ya soon!!!



  3. Brian from JH and EVERYONE is welcome and there is tons of room so tell anyone else you know. People straggle in at all times friday night and some don't come until saturday. This will be good since it's a 3 day weekend. Maybe more can show up than usual. Makes skiing all day sunday a more viable option!


    I will post directions soon....



  4. The weekend of the 11-13 does not work. The owners have a thing going on the following weekend and I'm not sure we can all converge. I'm checking. It would help to have a general headcount. Memorial day weekend might work best...there is still plenty of snow, that's for sure....



  5. With this updated knowledge of the proposed hwy 20 opening, I will now try to figure out the weekend that works best for me and the property owner. Please stand by...


    BTW, my boarder comment was a total troll. Anyone who really knows me knows that I don't give a rip how you get up or down a snow slope. All are welcome. I'd love to get some guys on split boards to join us.

  6. It's my party and I'll ski if I want to! I'm into tradition and 20 years from now I still plan on having this party... albeit I don't even own the property. But someday it will be passed down to the owner's son whom I'm quite sure will be into it also. Ok, getting way ahead of 2007. If someone wants to organize a ski into a cabin party, go for it. I'm into inclusion not exclusion so the more the merrier! Bring skis, bring climbing gear, bring bikes, just don't bring your @%#*($# snowboard!


    Mazama soon after the pass opens. Please stand by.....





  7. It can be done in one day.....or at least approach to base camp in afternoon and then do up and back to car in a day. This is NOT a weekend warrior route. This is same scenario Wayne and I waited for... and same time of year: multiple days of high pressure weather. Get it on Thursday or Friday or wait another year or two! No more excuses...

  8. If you don't believe which I'm sure you don't, grab a pair of skiis and take a trip to either Park City or Deer Valley. Upon arrival you will find long never ending runs of moguls and why you ask??? Skier only resorts. Both of those places still only allow skiers and funny thing is they still have wicked mogul runs even with the parabolic skiis everyone has.


    Rules to live by:

    "Short Skiis suck and Don't eat yellow snow." -Glenn Plake


    Park Shitty allows snowboarders. Still you can find decent bumps there. Try non stopping the "shaft" or under Thaynes lift. The Hoist used to only allow 190 or more skis but I doubt it now because only 2% of skiiers are on anything that long now.


    Deer Valley (no boarders) just hosted the World Cup mogul event and their mogul run rocks for moguls. They groom the shit out of most of their resort though so I can't say in general Deer Valley is the place to go.


    Alta doesn't allow boarders either, but I don't go there for moguls per say. Still they don't groom a lot at Alta either so there are always bump runs.


    For moguls I'd pick Sun Valley. Try Exhibition non-stop. Or Limelight if it hasn't been groomed for a while. There are lots of bump runs that never get groomed at Sun Valley!


    I have no problem finding bump runs at Whistler or Blackcomb either.


    I still like bumps at age 46 on tele skis, but I'm ol' skool!



  9. Just a little hint....for those who have been eyeing Colonial peak/Watusi Rodeo.....this is what you've been waiting for. As far as I know it would be 5th ascent. Put your kahunas where your mouth is! ;)

  10. Well I decided to go with the Pieps DSP over the Tracker. The range is better and it is a better unit to deal with multiple burials. Basically I plan to not use this thing except for practices! I did find it for $314.25 so the price difference was worth it for me (and my partners). I am pretty good at practicing and to date my times have been pretty darn good with my 1986 DF Ortovox that was long overdue to be retired. I will keep it to use for practice and may even have my son wear it skiing powder days in resorts in case he falls in a tree well or we hike OB. We do get out of site from each other sometimes.


    Safety is in your head! See you in the Back Country!



  11. It seems the technology is improving again with Pieps DSP leading the way with the advatage towards dealing with multiple burials. Still the Tracker consistantly has the lowest search times. My question is how soon will the technology on the transceivers built in the last few years be "outdated" and then I'm shopping again! I'm leaning towards the tracker because of ease of use which I might apprecaiate as more of the occasional backcounry skier who probably doesn't practice as much as I should. Comments?

  12. Any skiers heading that way and want to hook up for carpool, I'll be coming through Seattle from Bainbridge Island. Not sure what ferry yet. Call sevenonefour,fortythreehundred. Thinking of pub club after...boarders ok too, but we might get in a fight in the parking lot! :battlecage:

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