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  1. September Glacier Routes

    Can confirm what JasonG stated just did shucksan via sulfide and Stewart via West ridge, conditions were great for both!
  2. Climbing / mountaineering partners

    Also whenever doing Liberty Bell would like to stop in mazama to do some fun sport multi pitch
  3. Climbing / mountaineering partners

    Just did West ridge of Stuart and Shucksan via sulfide they were a blast!. Looking to do infinite Bliss, El Dorado, Liberty Bell and really whatever else will go before fall ends. Send a PM with describing what experience you have. Do you have crevasse rescue experience, multi-pitch sport/trad, Ice, what mountains have you climbed in Washington, ect If interested shoot me a text or call at 425-362-8406
  4. Rainier climb in September

    Hey looking to do Rainier mid september whenever conditions look best. I have glacier travel experience from living in Alaska, and mountaineering experience. Shoot me a text or call at 425-362-8406 to discuss more. Warmly, Noah