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  1. Can confirm what JasonG stated just did shucksan via sulfide and Stewart via West ridge, conditions were great for both!
  2. Also whenever doing Liberty Bell would like to stop in mazama to do some fun sport multi pitch
  3. Just did West ridge of Stuart and Shucksan via sulfide they were a blast!. Looking to do infinite Bliss, El Dorado, Liberty Bell and really whatever else will go before fall ends. Send a PM with describing what experience you have. Do you have crevasse rescue experience, multi-pitch sport/trad, Ice, what mountains have you climbed in Washington, ect If interested shoot me a text or call at 425-362-8406
  4. Hey looking to do Rainier mid september whenever conditions look best. I have glacier travel experience from living in Alaska, and mountaineering experience. Shoot me a text or call at 425-362-8406 to discuss more. Warmly, Noah
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